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▶ Purpose of collection and use of personal information
-Identification according to the use of the service, confirmation of real name, confirmation of intention to sign up, use of age-restricted service
-Delivering notices, securing communication channels for handling complaints, securing accurate delivery destination information when delivering goods
-Information on the latest information such as new services and materials for providing personalized services
-Other smooth, high-quality service provision, etc.

▶ Items of personal information to be collected
-Name, email, social security number, address, contact number, mobile phone number, and other optional items

▶ Retention and use period of personal information
-In principle, personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collection or provision is achieved.
-However, for smooth service consultation, the contents can be retained for 3 months after completion of the consultation.
    If it is necessary to preserve it under other laws such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, it is preserved for a certain period of time.

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