CEO Greetings

We will become a global corporation
that leads the world’s automobile parts industry
through endless growth

We make a masterpiece

Ever since our establishment in 1987, we have been working hard in the automobile parts industry for over 30 years. Despite numerous difficulties and hardships, SINJIN Plastics did not lose hope or courage. Instead, with the spirit of sacrifice and social responsibility for our neighbors and our country, we could become what we are today.

We’d like to thank our customers who have given their full material and emotional support to SINJIN Plastics Co., Ltd. We will continue our best efforts to produce good products, faultless products, eco-friendly products, and products that improve the quality of life of mankind. Thank you again to all our customers who have always been encouraging us and made it possible for us to get where we are today. We will always pray for your good health and wellness.

CEO of SINJIN Plastics Co., Ltd.
Changho Moon